• Derrycassin Bluebells

    Derrycassin Bluebells, Longford – Ireland This is something a little different for me. I don’t normally shoot nature related shots on anything other than a wide or a tele lens. Bluebells are an exception to that rule though. For me they’re just crying out for a standard lens, shallow depth of field and beautiful bokeh!

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    Derrycassin Bluebells
  • Wicklow Harbour

    Wicklow Town Harbour, Wicklow – Ireland Wicklow is such an amazing county with countless opportunities for photography. I’ve always been surprised at how overlooked the Wicklow Town Harbour seems to be. Between the harbour and the Black Castle there is a small beach complete with sea stacks and some really impressive cliffs. If you’ve never been grab your camera and get going! You’ll thank me later.

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    Wicklow Harbour
  • Derrycassin Woods

    Derrycassin Woods, Longford – Ireland Derrycassin Woods can be found on the shores of Lough Gowna in Dring, Co. Longford. Once part of a larger estate the forest is now managed by Coillte. With beautiful walks and a wide variety of plant and wildlife this is a forest not to be missed!

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    Derrycassin Woods
  • Brackley Lake

    Brackley Lake, Cavan – Ireland So I love Brackley Lake, although you’d probably guess that already! This particular evening was one of the most intense displays I’ve ever been lucky enough to see. Amazing light and colour for a solid 45 minutes. That kind of thing almost NEVER happens.

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    Brackley Lake
  • Scotsman's Bay

    Scotsman’s Bay, Dublin – Ireland Scotsman’s Bay stretches from the East pier in Dun Laoghaire to the 40 Foot in Sandycove. It’s an absolute treasure trove for photographers with the different tide times revealing endless amounts of compositions. It’s also not uncommon to see pods of porposes swimming around the bay!

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    Scotsman's Bay
  • Tullydermot

    Tullydermot, Cavan – Ireland Tullydermot is a small townland in the west of Cavan. Along with lakes, Cavan is known for rolling hills and the west of the county really personifies this. With a large mountain range and many drumlins and hills as far as the eye can see it makes a stark contrast to the more densely inhabited central and eastern Cavan. The west of Cavan is a wonderful place with amazing scenery, walks and incredible views. Put it at the top of your “Awesome places to go and look at” list. You have one of those, right?

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  • Carton House Boathouse

    Carton House Boathouse, Kildare – Ireland Supposedly built for Queen Victoria after she had a dream that she was rowing on the lake in the grounds (seriously!) the Boathouse sits on the Rye River on the right hand side as you make your way toward Carton House

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    Carton House Boathouse
  • Colimore Harbour

    Colimore Harbour, Dalkey – Ireland Now closed for commercial use, Colimore is a very picturesque little harbour in Dalkey. During the middle ages Colimore Harbour was the main harbour for Dublin city. In the background you can see Dalkey Island sitting about 300m off the coast.

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    Colimore Harbour
  • Dun Laoghaire Harbour

    Dun Laoghaire Harbour East, Dublin – Ireland Stretching a mile from start to finish, the Dun Laoghaire Harbour East Pier is one of the landmarks of the town. The 820 strong marina is the largest in Ireland and is also the first marina to be awarded a 5 Gold Anchor rating.

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    Dun Laoghaire Harbour
  • Zuma Beach

    Zuma Beach, Malibu - U.S.A Despite the lack of any clouds this was one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen. The colours in the sky were just incredible and the glow from the horizon blew me away.

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    Zuma Beach
  • Aasleagh Falls

    Aasleagh Falls, Mayo - Ireland In between some intense rain I managed to climb out into the middle of this river, much to the despair of my other half! It was a regrettably short visit but those falls were so amazing I could have spent weeks shooting them.

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    Aasleagh Falls
  • Torc Waterfall

    Torc Waterfall, Killarney National Park – Kerry Located at the foot of Torc mountain in Killarney National Park, Torc waterfall is, in my opinion, one of Ireland’s most interesting and beautiful waterfalls. Surrounded by thick vegetation the waterfall has many pools and boulders that make for interesting climbing and compositions.

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    Torc Waterfall
  • Kylemore Abbey

    Kylemore Abbey, Galway – Ireland Completed in 1871 Kylemore Abbey began as the family home of a wealthy doctor from London. It was taken over by Benedictine Nuns fleeing from the first World War in 1920. The Abbey is situated in some of Ireland’s most picturesque countryside. Flanked by mountains and forests and set beside a beautiful lake, it is a sight to behold.

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    Kylemore Abbey

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